'AHA!' is an expression of wonder, excitement and fulfillment across languages and cultures.
‘AHA! is Ranga Shankara’s most ambitious programme to date, bringing the magic of theatre in all its aspects to children. Launched in 2006, AHA! has grown organically adding programmes, dimensions, audiences, international collaborations and international festival, as one of the country’s most important and sustained Theatre for Children programmes.
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A play a day.

At Ranga Shankara, we have over 400 performances a year in languages from across the city, across the country and across the world. Our monthly calendar ensures that there is something for every theatre enthusiast, catering to the cosmopolitan Bangalore with diversity of languages, age groups and interests. READ MORE


Theatre for All

If you are an amateur theatre troupe looking for the right space to bring your play to life, check out Ranga Shankara! HIRE SPACE