The Performing Space

Ranga Shankara is located in JP Nagar, in the south of Bangalore. Surrounded by a community that avidly supports the arts, Ranga Shankara can boast of a dedicated neighbourhood audience as well an audience that crosses the city to attend a performance.

The main stage at Ranga Shankara was designed after conversations and debates with theatre practitioners, taking into account the needs of performers as well as technical teams.

The auditorium has a thrust stage with a floor area of 1750 sq ft., with four green rooms and the very best of sound, lighting, and technical facilities. The auditorium is air conditioned and seats 320.

Our thrust stage is the first and the only one of its kind in Bangalore. The stage and the auditorium arrange the acoustics in a way that artificial amplification becomes unnecessary.

Innovative directors at Ranga Shankara have made unconventional and maximal use of our stage and its surrounding areas.

  • Simon McBurney of Theatre du Complicite, took the audience’s breath away during Measure for Measure when he lifted the cyclorama and had entries and exits off the winch at the back of the stage.
  • Our catwalks have been used to tremendous effect, as have our aisles in the seating area: director Roysten Abel, in his production of Othello in Black and White walked from the lighting booth onto the stage as he portrayed “The Director” in his wonderfully absorbing presentation of the Shakespearean classic with a modern edge.
  • German dancer Sasha Waltz had her dancers perform on the roof of the post office next door, with the audience watching in amazement through the open doors behind the cyclorama.
  • In our own production of Girish Karnad’s Flowers, the sole actor seemed suspended in mid-air. That was only possible because of the height and depth that the Ranga Shankara stage offers.
Keeping in mind that Ranga Shankara should be accessible to everyone, our building and auditorium have special access facilities (an elevator and specially equipped rest rooms) as well as the capacity to accommodate wheelchairs in the auditorium.

Ranga Shankara is a space dedicated to theatre and we do not rent the auditorium for anything other than theatre performances. All bookings must be for shows open to the public. We do not allow bookings for private shows.
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