• AHA! an expression of wonder, excitement and fulfillment that has no language barriers. That’s what we call our children’s theatre program because those are all the emotions that theatre brings to us, whether as an audience or as performers.
  • AHA! is Ranga Shankara’s most ambitious program to date and brings theatre in all its aspects to younger people. A sustained program that reaches out to over 1500 children from all backgrounds every month, AHA! believes in giving children the theatre that they want, with their concerns, their hopes and ambitions.
  • AHA! believes in giving children theatre that is as professional and complex as theatre for adults – there are no compromises on quality, no talking down, no cutting corners.
  • AHA! not only brings quality theatre for children to the city, it also actually creates it right here, with the children that it aims to please
  • AHA! is supported by Britannia Industries.
Through producing carefully chosen plays and through workshops, Ranga Shankara is laying the foundation for a theatre movement among younger people- ensuring that the future of theatre in Bangalore and in the country has trained talent to complement enthusiasm!

“For Ranga Shankara, AHA! is on top of our agenda. Continuous activity for children in the form of plays, workshops (for both children and teachers), International Theatre and Puppetry Fests, outreach programs, and exchange programs are planned under AHA! With Britannia, Ranga Shankara has been second-time lucky with a corporate sponsor. Like Hutch, Britannia has come forward to support us in this ambitious venture that is sure to make a very positive difference in the lives of the city’s children,” says Arundhati Nag, Creative Director of Ranga Shankara.
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