• 30 Sun, 7:30pm
  • No Language, 60 mins
  • PW: Rene Mantinan
  • Dir: Rene Mantinan
  • Troupe: Vuelve en Julio, Argentina
  • Phone: 9880036611/ www.indianstage.in

Pirates' Code

Age group: 10 years and older, Tickets: Rs. 200

The story begins with an entangled pursuit between the Corsair, the Buccaneer and a woman Pirate. Despite the fact that the three of them are in competition for need of power and ambition, they make a friendship pact to gain some powers, which would not work otherwise. In search of a magical treasure, they embark on an adventure, fraught with danger of wild seas, storms and a ship wreck that throws them into the open sea, where they have to depend on each other to survive.

Overcoming all obstacles, they finally reach the treasure, but can open it only if they revive their Friendship Pact. They finally open the treasure to find that it contains 3 pieces of jewellery which have magical powers – ability to stretch, immortality and invisibility. Thus the competition resumes and this time the tussle is for the piece of jewellery with the best power. After they each acquire one powerful piece of jewellery, the three of them decide to go home.

Only, this time they discover that the island has a magnetic field which prevents them from leaving the place with the power. They will either need to relinquish their power and go home or stay on the island forever. What will they decide? Will they stay on the lonely island forever or do they go home to their friends, family and to more adventures in the future?

The Form

The play is performed in code by using the actors’ bodies, sounds and movements, thus, transcending languages and ages. During the entire play, the actor is creating a code which is decoded by the spectator while the music is filled with emotion.
About the Troupe

"‘Vuelve en Julio’ which means ‘Back in July‘ from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was formed in 2002 and is distinguished by its performances, each of which investigates various techniques of theatrical expression.  The nine artistes who form the group are dedicated to a variety of disciplines like theatre, dance, circus and music.  

Reviews and Awards

Show winner of the Comedy of The Silver City and the 2008 Comedy Festival in the Province of Buenos Aires 2008 (selected to represent the province at the National Theater Festival 2009).

2:00 pm - Theatre of Food

"Battle between the Lemons and the Milk". Workshop for 3 to 6 year olds.Registration open at Ranga Shankara from Aug 11, on a first come first served basis.

6:15 pm:  Young Musicians - Genuine Fakes

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