• 75 Min
  • Kannada
  • PW: M.S.K. Prabhu
  • Dir: Vineeth Kumar
  • Troupe: Samooha Spandana, Chikkamagalur
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com

Mussanjeyalli Nadeda Ghatane

Ranga Shankara Yuva Natakakotsava 2017 

The intention of the programme is to encourage and nourish the young talent around the state by cherry picking the aspirant directors from various districts of Karnataka and providing them with residential training on various aspects of Direction by the legendary stalwart directors of the country and abroad. This is in keeping with our focus of highlighting the work of as well as training young theatre aspirants to the nuances and complexities involved in the art of direction in theatre practice.
The Youth Festival showcases the 6 best plays of the productions that were undertaken at different districts of Karnataka after the training.

The play, as the name suggests is about an incident that takes place one evening.

The author of several detective novels meets a real life detective who has solved the cases of murder, rape and other crime scenes based on the detective novels at a posh restaurant. The play deals with their conversation about these stories and the similarity between the real life cases solved by the detective and the novel. 

Gradually, without his knowledge, the detective is converted as the protagonist and the entire narration begin to look like another story in the authors book.


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