• 80 Min
  • Kannada
  • PW: Vivek Shanbagh
  • Dir: Megha Sameera
  • Troupe: Natana, Mysore
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com


Ranga Shankara Yuva Natakakotsava 2017

The play Bahumukhi is a neoteric contemporary literature that talks of a journalist, who is struggling to keep pace with the modern value of the journalism which looks at sensationalising the news.

It is also the story of the middle and the lower middle class youth who migrate from smaller towns of the country to the cities with big dreams. The challenges that the city life throws at them and their helplessness of not being able to return, their fight with their own values and the pretentious and degenerating city values, the insecurities that the city life instils and their life of uncertainty that the city forces on them. The play unveils in multiple layers the dividing line between perception and reality. All characters that the journalist creates come into his life with a set of stories that are entirely their own. In them one finds the pain of transition, the emptiness of urban life, the phoniness of superficial relationships and the allure of youthful love. Around all this runs a deep and tragic undercurrent of desensitization of human life, triggered by media hype. 

April 2018
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