• 60 Min
  • No language
  • PW: Guy Nader and Maria Campos
  • Dir: Guy Nader and Maria Campos
  • Troupe: GN | MC | Guy Nader | Maria Campos, Spain
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com

Time Takes The Time Time Takes

Attakkalari India Biennial: 2017 

Time Takes The Time Time Takes contemplates time as a fundamental concept through the
repetition and accumulation of oscillations, creating complex mechanisms and constellations in space time. It is a physical, risky and precise proposal that suggests the idea of time as a continuum.

TTTTTT is a physical, dynamic conversation through movement repetitions and pendulum leitmotiv- a journey of dangling movements that burst into different encounters evolving towards a perpetual mobile. 

Choreographers: Guy Nader and Maria Campos

This performance is presented at the Attakkalari India Biennial 2017 with the support of Accion Cultural Espaola and Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi. 

This performance is part of Attakkalari India Biennial 2017, the 8th edition of South Asias largest and most important international festival for contemporary movement arts organised by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, being held at multiple venues across Bengaluru from 03 to 12 February, 2017. Visit www.attakkalaribiennial.org for more details on the festival. 

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