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  • Kannada
  • PW: Kuvempu
  • Dir: Ganesh M
  • Troupe: Sri Gajanana Yuvaka Mandali, Sheshagiri
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Vaali Vadhe

The tale of brotherhood, misunderstanding and deception, Vaali Vadhe deals with the story of Vaali, the king of the Kishkinda, who is killed by Rama. 

Vaali and Sugreeva, chase a rakshasa to kill him, but the rakshasa enters a den and so Vaali enters the den and asks Sugreeva to stand guard. Vaali never returns even after a year and finally Sugreeva sees blood oozing out of the den. Sugreeva thinks that Vaali is dead and so he closes the den with boulders so that rakshasa never comes out and returns back to Khiskinda.

Later, Vaali comes out of the den and misunderstands that Sugreeva has taken undue advantage of the situation, and sends out Sugreeva on exile.

When Sugreeva meets Rama, he gets into a pact where in if Rama kills Vaali, then Sugreeva and his Vanara sena can help Rama in fighting Ravana and getting back Seeta. Sugreeva fist fights Vaali, the powerful one while, Rama shoots him from behind a tree and kills Vaali.
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