• 90 Min
  • No language
  • PW: Veenapani Chawla
  • Dir: Veenapani Chawla
  • Troupe: Adishakti, Pondicherry
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com


Brhannala is one of Veenapani Chawla's stunning creations. Girish Karnad sums it up most aptly when he speaks of Veenapani Chawla - "There is no one like Veenapani Chawla in Indian Theatre. There is no other group like her Adishakti - certainly there hasn't been any since what we call 'Modern Indian Theatre' began". 


Brhannala is performed by the supremely talented Vinay Kumar, to an original score composed by Veenapani herself and played live on stage by Adishakti's ensemble. Remember their electrifying percussions in "Ganapati"?


Adishakti’s Brhannala draws on the episode in the Mahabharata in which the exiled hero Arjuna spends one year in the guise of a woman. To Veenapani, Brhannala dramatizes the consequences that accompany a dissolution of all rigid binary oppositions. As she says in her Director’s Note, “this thereby brings down all polarities of time/ space, reason/ emotion, human/ animal, right/ left, us/them, self/ other”.

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