• 70 Min
  • Kannada
  • PW: Abhishek Iyengar
  • Dir: Abhishek Iyengar
  • Troupe: We Move Theatre, Bengaluru
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com

Magadi Days

Magadi Days, written and directed by Abhishek Iyengar in Kannada is a political satire which revolves around the characters inspired from the famed BBC serial 'Yes Minister'. The play is based on a series of political consequences that arise in the town Magadi situated near Bangalore.

The story of the play unfolds when the state of Karnataka gets its new chief minister who is highly educated and a former IT employee. With great ambitions and desires, he dawns the power to bring in transparency in the way government functions. In order to achieve this, he orders all his ministers to update their status of work in Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Not satisfied with this new rule or policy, the bureaucratic section of the government headed by the chief secretary of the state plots a plan to bring down this rule, and what happens next is the crux of the play.

Caught in between this battle of political section and the bureaucratic section are two other characters, Ibu and lakkawwa, who hail from Magadi. What happens to them when the chief minister meets them for a by-election forms the concluding part of the play.

This play is going to be a wonderful experience.
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