• 60 Min (Also @ 3:30 Pm)
  • English
  • PW: William Shakespeare
  • Dir: Surendranath S
  • Troupe: Sanket, Bengaluru
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com


(Based on William Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice')
'I will let you go, if you beg mercy. You refused mercy on me. I want you to see the difference between us. So get down on your knees, lick my shoes and beg mercy. I will let you go.'
- Antonio

In Venice Jews lived in Ghettos. Jews were a minority. Jews were despised. Jew was a favourite villain. But still they were part of the Venice system. Part of Venetian economy. Does this relate to us? Now? 

Shylock is perhaps the most important and controversial character created by William Shakespeare. For centuries he has been portrayed in various hues, from a notorious, ravenous villain to a sympathetic usurer. This production tries to look at Shylock as a person who has been wronged, as a petty pawnbroker who is left with no choice but to take his penalty. 

Children below the age of 8 years are not permitted for the play.

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