• 120 Min
  • Kannada
  • PW: Dr. Na. Damodara Shetty
  • Dir: Mime Ramesh
  • Troupe: G.P.I.E.R Theatre Group, Mysore
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com


Tulunada Siri is one of the popular folklore epics of the Tulu region of our state. Siri was the grand daughter of Birma Alva who marries Kanthu Punja of Basrur Battakeri.  He was a wrong match to her.

After the deah of Birma Alva, Siri takes divorce from her husband after a fierce argument ensues over the inheriting of the former’s wealth. Siri marries again  which is a remarkable step on those days. She becomes the cult and given the status of goddess, marking her as the symbol of liberated woman.

Even today, Siri Cult is seen across Tulunadu. The transcending of Siri on themselves is one of the ways of he oppressed women of the region tried finding a voice to their sorrows. Not just fighting for equal rights of a woman after marriage, Siri also argued that if a man wants to marry another woman, then it had to be with the consent of the first wife.

This play has in abundance of the beliefs and rituals of the period of Siri which is relevant even now in our day today life.

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