• 90 Min
  • Kannada
  • PW: Rabindranath Tagore/ Sudha Adukola
  • Dir: Dr. Sripada Bhat
  • Troupe: Natana, Mysore
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com

Kempu Kanagile

Raktakarabi or Blood Oleanders stands one among the most notable works of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Notable writer K V Subbanna translates this to kannada as Kempu kanagile The Symbolic play Kempu Kanagile revolves around a Mythical city of unparalleled wealth “Yakshapuri” and the misery suffered by the residents of Yakshapuri till the coming of Nandini, the heroine who breaks the barrier to free the secluded king who is trapped in greed and desires and fails to come out of the magical world he himself created once.

The play emotionally depicts the association between beauty and death. The theme tries to put some light up on the capitalism of the era and the importance of human Relations, greed and human sympathy.The play is principled around the clash of oppressed vs. oppressor. The plays central character Raja or King cruelly exploits nature as well as all possible human resources to develop a highly centralized authority and to add to his wealth. He sits fascinated watching his ever growing wealth until the entry of Nandini to this lifeless fortress. Undaunted by the king Nandini walks in with her touch of life and joy showcasing that love is the highest truth in this world. Nandini and her lover Ranjan brings the joy of love to the tinsel town of Yakshapuri showing the kings workers that there exists an alternative to the way they lived all these years as Mechanized Machines, igniting a hope of independence and freedom and finally liberating them from clutches of the king defeating his state and its authority.

Tagore excels in his comparison of good vs. evil and greed vs. human sympathy.The story triumphs showing happiness as a product of love and labor made up of human sympathy and the story succeeds in striking our emotions with the indomitable will and sacrifices of Nandini and her companions.
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