• 90 Min
  • Kannada
  • PW: DR. K.Y. Narayanaswamy
  • Dir: Prakash P Shetty
  • Troupe: Ranga Mantapa, Bengaluru
  • Phone: www.bookmyshow.com


The man's world is defined by the three aspects of woman, land, and wealth. However, the woman's entire world consists of man. Why is the man both the way and the goal? This issue forms the core of the play. Mallige or the jasmine flower is a symbol of the relationship between man and woman. The jasmine's visual beauty, tenderness of touch, and fragrance are folded into one metaphor. The historical texts, epics and poems of India have hitherto reveled in positioning the woman as the cause for tragedy. Although modern education, professions and freedom of expression now appear to represent the world of women, the unmeasurable fissure between man and woman remains.In mans eternal attempts to understand woman, she has remained an unfathomable and curiously mesmerizing question. This play attempts to shed light on the various unseen aspects of the cracks in man-woman relationships. Even this attempt may only be the images formed from the pieces of a broken mirror.
April 2018
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