• 110 min
  • English/Marathi
  • PW: Harsha Desai/ Gerish Khemani
  • Dir: Gerish Khemani
  • Troupe: The Blind and the Elephant Theatre Group, Mumbai
  • Phone:


Abhijit wakes up one morning, realises that his corporate life is mechanised and driven by futile essentials. And he impulsively decides to shift base from Mumbai to a small town in Maharashtra to be a high school English teacher to redeem himself. What awaits him there is a typical school and the wonderfully diverse students he encounters! Through engaging and practical methods of teaching, he provokes the students to delve deeper within themselves while encountering his own past demons in the process. 

The play is about those little interventions in the classroom and the little ripples that get created within the students, which can often become part of the student's skins for a lifetime. Ripples is a play that has been partly written and partly devised (which means it got created in the collaborative spirit on the floors typical to the play itself) and so is an interesting intersection of scripted and devised theatre. It aims to ask very timely questions on teaching and learning and delves deeply into the imaginative consciousness of the students and the teacher.
April 2018
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