• 60 min
  • English
  • PW: Pawan Kumar
  • Dir: Pawan Kumar
  • Troupe: Pawan Kumar Studios, Bengaluru
  • Phone:

The Final Rehearsal

The Final rehearsal is a one-man show of one hour duration written, directed and performed by Pawan Kumar. This play has won the Best Actor award at the Youth theatre festival Thespo4 conducted in Mumbai, in December 2002 by 'Theatre group, Bombay'; the play was also nominated for Best Script, Best Direction, Best Production Design and Best Play. If we look around us and make a conscious effort to find something which is common to everything, which is present everywhere, we find that it is 'Competition'. This is what The Final Rehearsal is all about. How does a person handle this entity called competition? And what is he trying to prove at the end of it? And is there an end to it?
February 2018
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