Ranga Shankara ties up with the Belfast International Arts Festival to bring together leading theatre and dance artists from Northern Ireland and India in a special online showcase and conversation.

This year, as a part of the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, there will be a special collaboration between Ranga Shankara and the Belfast International Arts Festival, celebrating the 17th birthday of Ranga Shankara and the 59th year of the Belfast International Arts Festival. There will be a screening of a compilation film - Spotlight on Northern Ireland Theatre and Dance - showcasing the works of artists from Northern Ireland, along with an interactive Q&A session between artists from Northern Ireland and India. The film and the event are supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Theatre and Dance NI and British Council Northern Ireland. The event will take place on Zoom on Sunday, 31 October 2021 at 2:30 Indian Standard Time.

Visit Link here https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88054346809

This session will be the first step towards building a connection between both countries and will pave the way for future collaborations between artists in India and Northern Ireland. As countries with a rich history, both Northern Ireland and India have a lot to share with each other, and a lot to learn from each other. The hope is that something beautiful can come out of this connection. We invite all the theatre-makers, dancers and artists of India to come and be part of this wonderful session and contribute to the interactive session.

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About Belfast International Arts Festival

The mission of Belfast International Arts Festival is to be the preeminent, progressive international arts event within Northern Ireland, actively engaging both global and local communities in the richness and diversity of contemporary arts practice. With our partners throughout the entire city, we seek to create a distinctive environment for audiences to enjoy and participate in inspirational and transformative aesthetic experiences from world-class artists, thinkers and leaders.

With a long history going back some 59 years, emerging seven years ago as a new independent entity Belfast International Arts Festival, this year’s programme rises to current challenges, responding creatively to bring audiences new ways to experience, engage and participate in the arts.

BIAF’s principal funder is the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and is also supported by Belfast City Council, British Council, the Government of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Northern Ireland and a range of project funders and sponsors.